Creating Jobs

Bob Peterson understands that attracting jobs for Ohio's hard working families is his most important priority. His focus on growing Ohio's economy, job growth and wage increases has led him to fight burdensome government over regulation and excessive taxes which has improved the business climate allowing Ohio to compete again with other states and countries for the jobs Ohio desperately needs.

Bob Peterson cares about creating jobs.
Bob Peterson prioritizes lowering taxes.

Balanced Budget and Lower Taxes

Bob has worked to reduce wasteful government spending, balanced the state budget and lowered the tax burden on all Ohioans. Bob understands that the government money is not the governments but the tax payers. Ohio should work as hard to save the tax payers dollars as the tax payer did to earn that money, which is why Bob was proud to support $5 billion dollars in tax cuts.


Reforming Education

Ohio’s future depends on a strong education system that prepares our children to succeed in the classroom, in the workforce, and in the competitive world. To accomplish this goal, teachers and local school boards should be encouraged, supported, and empowered to provide a high quality education.

Bob Peterson prioritizes education reform.
Bob Peterson prioritizes Ohio.


A century ago, Ohio was the best place to be. Ohio was the home of the world’s greatest inventors, manufacturers, and business people, along with productive farms and bountiful natural resources.  Bob believes Ohio can and should return to the glory days of its past.



Drug Epidemic

The opioid epidemic is continuing to impact the citizens of Ohio on a daily basis. Bob has supported and cosponsored legislation to address this challenge. He recognizes the importance of combating the drug epidemic and is committed to continuing to tackle this crisis. He understands that prevention, education, addiction treatment and long-term rehabilitation services are all necessary to overcoming this challenge.