Celebrating Patriotism for Our Great Nation On Independence Day


Patriotism. This one word can take on a number of different connotations depending on the person you ask, and the context in which you ask it. However, what it means to us as a nation is never as clear as when we come together as a community to celebrate our independence.

On one hand we think about the community events, fireworks, parades, barbecues and time with family and friends that have become almost synonymous with the Fourth of July. These are cherished moments for many in our community, and we look forward to these events every year.

On the other hand this day invokes images of the founding fathers setting a new example for the world by taking a stand against tyranny and boldly proclaiming that individual liberties shall not be drowned out by unjust governments. They made it clear that it is every person's right to pursue a better, more free life, while also emphasizing the sacrifice and personal responsibility it takes to achieve that end. As we celebrate today, it is important not to forget that the former relies on the latter.

We also continue our Founders’ fight for a balanced, restrained form of government. As the size of the federal government expands, it becomes more capable of trampling the rights we’ve fought so hard to preserve. Recently, the Ohio Senate passed my resolution calling on the federal government to restore more power to the states in areas like transportation, education and healthcare. 

It is important that we reaffirm and uphold the principles of federalism outlined by James Madison to restore the balance between the states and federal government that is often disregarded by those in Washington. Strong and robust states foster innovation and reform that best serves and protects their citizens.

America is the land of opportunity, and I believe that opportunity is abundant in Ohio for those who seek it. Today's celebration is a time to reflect on the founding of this great nation, and what it truly means to commit to living the 'American Dream.' That dream is alive and well, and I look forward to continuing to work with you every day to find new and innovative ways to make it a reality for those in our district.

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